Comeytrowe Under Fives

Emma, Setting Manager

Our Manager, Emma, has worked at Comeytrowe Under Fives for over 10 years. She is the designated Safeguarding Lead for the Preschool. She has three children and lives in Taunton.

Sarah S, Deputy Manager

Sarah is our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO). She lives in Taunton with her family including two children and two French bulldogs. In her spare time she loves dancing, painting and writing.

Ewelina, Early Years Practitioner

Ewelina is a Level 3 practitioner and our Deputy Safeguarding Lead. 

Caroline, Early Years Practitioner

Caroline has worked at Comeytrowe Under Fives for over 20 years! She is a level 3 practitioner.

Natalie, Early Years Practitioner

Natalie is  a level 3 Practitioner who has worked at Comeytrowe Under Fives for six years. She has two children and loves music and theatre, especially singing.

Anna, Early Years Practitioner

Anna is a trained primary school teacher. She has three daughters and lives with her family in Taunton.   

Becky, Early Years Practitioner

Becky is a level 3 practitioner and our Equalities Needs Coordinator (ENCO).

Sophie, Early Years Practitioner

Sophie is a level 3 practitioner. In her spare time she enjoys going to the gym and she loves dancing.

Andrea, Early Years Practitioner (student)

Andrea is mum to five girls. She has worked at Preschool for over 6 years, staring as  member of support staff. She is now studying for her Level 3 qualification.

Nicki, Early Years Practitioner (student)

Nicki has worked at Preschool for over five years, and is currently studying for her level 3 qualification. She has four daughters and loves to cook, especially cakes.

Oliwia, Early Years Practitioner

Oliwia was born in Poland and moved to England when she was five. She is a level 2 practitioner and she loves art.

Emily, Early Years Support Staff

Emily has a level 3 qualification in Health and Social Care. She is currently in the second year of an Early Childhood Studies Degree.

As well as working at Preschool, she also has a weekly placement with a reception class at Parkfield Primary School.